Tea Drinkers in Korea

Tea Drinkers in Korea is a community where people drink, talk, and get to know this world better through tea gatherings. We respect diversity and take tolerance very importantly.  

I started the tea community in 2017 to expand more open and casual tea culture in South Korea. 

Why did I create the Tea Drinkers in Korea? 

  • Suffocation: South Korea is full of coffee drinkers. It was very difficult for me to find a tea gathering. Even if I found a tea event, there were limited seats and high barriers to attend. I soon felt frustrated and exhausted. I thought organizing an event would be easier, faster, and more fun.
  • Meeting Tea Friends: Meeting a tea friend is one of my favorite things! I wanted to meet more tea friends. 
  • Have Fun & Grow: What happens when people who share similar interests meet together? We all get excited, freely share resources, and naturally learn & grow. I wanted to make my or anyone else’s tea journey process enjoyable. 
  • Connect: There was a huge gap between tea businesses and tea drinkers. Tea businesses wanted more customers, however, tea drinkers didn’t even know those tea businesses existed. I wanted to share a place, hold an event at a tea-related place, save time for tea drinkers to find a place, increase sales for tea businesses, create a win-win situation. 
  • Experiment: In the end, there was nothing to lose to create a tea community. I was curious about whether people would join the community. 

Now we have 400+ members. Feel free to join if you are interested in Korean tea culture.

Upcoming & Past Events

  • Enjoy Photography + Coffee, Smoothie, or Tea Time 
  • Meeting with Artists & Tea Tastings 
  • Meeting with Pottery Artists & Tea Time 
  • ‘Spring is Coming’ Tea Party  
  • Seoul International Buddism Expo 
  • D Museum & Pizza, Beer, and Tea Party 
  • Enjoy 5-Course Tea in Itaewon, Seoul 
  • Cheon Ji Woon Tea Company Inc. Opening Ceremony 
  • Han-River Moonlight Tea Meeting 
  • Boseong Green Tea Festival 
  • Hadong Wild Tea Cultural Festival 
  • Brunch Tea Party in The Park 
  • Tea World Festival 
  • Korea Furniture Museum Night Tour & Dinner 
  • Korea Furniture Museum Afternoon Tour & Tea Time 
  • Book Concert Tea Party 
  • Afternoon Tea Party at SHE 
  • Myung Won World Tea Expo 
  • Namsan Pine Healing Forest Tea Time 
  • Non-Summit Tea Party 
  • Recovery Tea Party
  • Minimalism Tea Party
  • Check out more events here: meetup.com/teadrinkersinkorea


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