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Hi Beau-tea-ful people!

I have been hibernating. It’s been a while since I posted a tea meetup announcement.

There are many exciting tea scenes happening in the Canberra area.

This week, I am determined to visit a teahouse in Canberra!

Have you ever been to Adore Tea in Nicholls, ACT?

Adore Tea offers a selection of over 200+ teas with awards winning tea-infused menus.

This will be my first visit. I will be at Adore Tea between 2 and 3:30 pm depends on how busy the cafe is.

If the cafe is busy and I am myself, I will leave before 3:30, so other people can be seated.

A tea drinker, tea connoisseur, tea snob, anyone is welcome as long as we talk tea.


Choose what you like, pay for your own meal and beverage


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