Online Stores You Can Buy Korean Tea in English

I put together six online shops where you can buy Korean Tea in English. I hope this list can help you feel less frustrated and exhausted in search of Korean tea.

where to buy korean teas

Let’s begin the scavenger hunt for…Easter eggs? No, For Korean teas!

Are you living outside of South Korea? Are you drinking Korean tea? Congratulation you are one of the 0.1% who is lucky enough to taste the tea.

If you are not a Korean speaker, I am even more proud of you because you’ve conquered the endless journey of finding Korean tea.

According to the World’s Top Export, South Korea tea import is ranked 64th, 0.3%, and export is ranked 50th, 0.1% of the global tea market.

The numbers are based on the sources from Alibaba, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), International Trade Centre, and Investopedia. It gets updated frequently, you can check the details below.

“So…Where Can I Buy Korean Tea?”

After I shared my first tea guide post about Korean tea. I received much positive feedback around the communities (thank you!), and also questions mostly about the struggle of purchasing Korean tea outside of Korea.

I am a native Korean speaker and have direct connections with people in South Korea. So, I haven’t used any site outside of Korea to purchase Korean teas.

However, I knew some tea companies that sell Korean tea in English, so I put them together in case you had no idea where to start from.

Korean tea tea repertoire

1. Tea Repertoire

Sujin, the co-founder of Repertoire grew up near Hadong, the oldest tea plantation region in South Korea.  

She currently teaches the Korean Tea Masterclass at the U.K. Tea Academy with Jane Pettigrew, the renowned tea author of 16 tea books. 

Tea Repertoire sells high-quality Korean tea with a full description including tea type, tea region, tasting notes, brewing guidance, background stories, everything in English!

You can purchase beautifully presented Korean tea with very affordable or no international shipping costs.

Korean tea tea repertoire
  • Based: in London, UK
  • International Shipping: Available. Tea Repertoire also offers free international economy delivery for orders above £35,  free priority delivery for orders above £70. 
  • Purchase Korean tea at Tea Repertoire:
Buy Korean tea at Hankook tea

2. HanKook Tea

In South Korea, you can easily see tea brands such as Osulloc(오설록), Dongseo Food(동서식품), Nokchawon(녹차원), Ssanggye tea(쌍계명차), Teazen (티젠), and also Hankook Tea(한국제다).

Hankook Tea was founded in 1951 in Suncheon, South Korea. As green tea gained popularity in Korea, the company expanded the farm to encompass several acres in four locations – Youngam, Jangsung, Haenam, and Boseong. Each tea estate was carefully chosen for its ideal climate and geographic location for tea bushes.

The founder of Hankook Tea is registered as the Grand Master of Traditional Korean Foods by the Republic of Korea (South Korea). I appreciate Hankook Tea because I think it is the only major tea company that operates and actually sells products in English.

Buy Korean tea at Hankook tea

On the Hankook tea’s website, you can browse different types of Korean tea with a detailed description including tea type, tea grade, tea region, harvest time, and tasting notes. You can also purchase samplers only.

  • Based: in South Korea, United States
  • International Shipping: Available. Although international shipping is available, I find Hankook tea’s international shipping is too much for people outside of the United States. For example, if you live in Australia and want to try one sampler that costs 8 USD, you will need to pay $54.10 for USPS International Priority Mail. However, if you live in the U.S. Hankook tea is a great place to order Korean tea.
  • Purchase Korean tea at Hankook Tea:
Buy Korean tea at Teas Unique

3. Teas Unique

Teas Unique directly sources organic, artisan, single estate green teas from the four major tea growing regions of Korea. The company imports Korean teas directly from the growers in Korea and package them in the USA.

Buy Korean tea at Teas Unique
Buy Korean tea at Teas Unique

On the Teas Unique website, you can browse a wide range of Korean tea with clear images and detailed descriptions including grade, harvest date, farm location, harvest method, and processing method. Depends on a product, you can also read a linked review by a tea reviewer outside of the company.

  • Based: in the United States
  • International Shipping: Available.
  • Purchase Korean tea at Teas Unique:
Buy Korean tea at Wooree Tea

4. Wooree Tea

Wooree Tea sources Korean tea from only one farm in Hadong, the birthplace of Korean tea, over 1200 years ago. 

When I checked the website, I couldn’t see detailed product pictures (clear image of tea leaves, wet leaves, and brewed liquor) or descriptions( harvest date, tasting notes, brewing guidance, etc.).

However, I could identify the tea farm Wooree Tea described.

Then, I was like ok, forget the image, forget the description, their tea is good.

But honestly, I wish there were more high-quality images and detailed descriptions.

Buy Korean tea at Wooree Tea
  • Based: in Auckland, New Zealand
  • International Shipping: Available at affordable prices. I put my address in the United States and my shipping fee was $7.50.
  • Purchase Korean tea at Wooree Tea:

5. Soocha Tea

After I published this article, people told me about Soocha Tea where you can find Korean teas directly sourced from the tea farms in South Korea for the US and Canada market.

“Soo(수, 秀)” in Korean means “excellent, outstanding, elegant, graceful, refined, etc.”, and “Cha(차, 茶)” means “tea”. Soocha also means “a written statement submitted to a king in person”, “several times, frequently”, and “waterwheel” in Korean using different Chinese characters. 

My name is also Soo. So, I personally felt more attached to Soocha Tea when I read the description. (I know, I am biased lol).

  • Based: in Toronto, Canada
  • International Shipping: US and Canada only.
  • Purchase Korean tea at Soocha Tea:

6. Amazon & eBay

And how I could skip the giant e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay?

You can find Korean teas on these sites but mostly casual Korean teas and teabags, not artisan loose leaf tea.

If you don’t live close to Asian mart or Korean mart, this is a great place to adventure casual Korean tea.

However, just be careful about price gouging. Some sellers put products not 10% or 20% higher, but 10x, 20x of market prices.

Buy Korean tea
where to buy korean teas

I am curious how you purchased artisan Korean tea outside of Korea unless you received a sample or gift from a generous friend.

Do you know any online tea store that sells Korean tea in English? Please leave a comment if there is any store you recommend.


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