Japanese Tea Marathon – the ultimate way to dive into the world of Japanese tea 🍵

“Japanese Tea Marathon was created to raise interest and curiosity in Japanese tea around the world by giving more attention to the Japanese tea producers and tea regions.”

Today was the second day I joined the Japanese Tea Marathon. As a person just getting into Japanese tea, I’ve already learned so much through this event.  

If you are interested in learning more about Japanese tea, I highly recommend the Japanese Tea Marathon! 

Japanese Tea Marathon - Registration, Participation, What to Expect

What To Expect

  • Thanks to the lockdown in Melbourne, I was able to join both sessions a day. 

I feel like by the time I complete the Japanese Tea Marathon, I will be able to pick up some Japanese phrase while drinking tea :D! 

So far the program had the format as below: 

1 hour for information, 

  • Japanese Tea industry Overview 
  • About Global Japanese Tea 
  • About Japanese Tea Marathon 
  • About the prefecture & region of the day 
  • Tea in the region 
  • About the tea company & maker of the day 
  • Introducing tea process style 

1 hour for tea brewing & tasting,

  • Tea brewing & tasting 
  • Q&A 
Japanese Tea Marathon - Registration, Participation, What to Expect Cover

Each day, I am travelling to the tea region virtually and learning about tea directly from a tea farmer. How cool is that?

Event Information

Date: 23rd July – 8th August  (except 27 July and 3rd August)

  • 7/23 Kagoshima
  • 7/24 Miyazaki
  • 7/25 Kumamoto
  • 7/26 Fukuoka
  • 7/28 Saga
  • 7/29 Nagasaki
  • 7/30 Kochi
  • 7/31 Kyoto
  • 8/1 Nara
  • 8/2 Shiga
  • 8/4 Mie
  • 8/5 Aichi
  • 8/6 Saitama
  • 8/7 Ibaraki
  • 8/8 Shizuoka

Time: Morning & Afternoon

  • 11 am-1 pm Japan Time
  • 4 pm-6 pm Japan Time 

Location: Zoom

Price: Free 
Thanks to the Global Japanese Tea Association and Japan Tea Central Council PIIA, the price is free. 

It's up to you how you enjoy Japanese Tea Marathon ✨

I was going to sit and chill while joining the marathon. However, I’ve decided to turn this opportunity for me to dive into the world of Japanese tea.

Just following the Japanese Tea Marathon schedule, you are naturally exposed to the region, tea making process, tea brewing method, tea talk. 

It’s been incredible. 


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