Tea Diaries

Black Tea Romance

Don’t take your today for granted.

I have a love and hate relationship with black tea. Two years ago I had my first allergy attack after drinking chai, which I suspect.

I thought I would be okay, but I wasn’t. So I had to see several doctors.

Time to time I am okay with drinking black tea, but now I know my body will not react well for sure when my immune system is low.

I went to hospital, did my blood testing, the day I had to check my result I suddenly had to go to a tea garden (yeah right…speaking of responsibility), never checked my result 🙄 (ugh my money $$$). I had to fly out, so I haven’t checked the result at all.

Deep in down, I was so afraid that my test result will have caffeine as an allergen. I mean how could I enjoy tea as I have been, if I knew I had caffeine as an allergen?

Now that’s a toxic relationship.

It’s been two years, but today I could feel the allergy attack was coming again. After eating tea infused food, suddenly my throat was getting tight, my body was getting goosebumps (these goosebumps don’t go away until body recovers). I’ve had the same tea before many times, but today was the first time I reacted not well.

I have been working overnights with very little sleep or no sleep, so my immune system must have been extremely low. This afternoon, I felt like I was getting poisoned for moments.

I love tea, but there is no “I ♥️ tea” if I don’t exist anymore.

I am ready to embrace the test result. I am going to see whether I can pull out my test result online or something. If not, I will re-examine.

With coronavirus and everything, I am witnessing more and more how my life is so fragile. It’s like a glass. Just like glass is made out of sand enduring incredibly high temperature, maybe I am stronger than before with my experience and life skills.

But anything can happen in life, so to our fragile lives, one incident can take us down.

This is my note to self. Don’t take today for granted. Take care of yourself. Stop being stupid. Get out of a toxic relationship (hopefully with tannins).