Stop Order White Fairy Tea (BạCH Trà Tiên)

Stop order White Fairy Tea (BạCh TRà Tiên) until locals find a solution to harvest the tea.

vietnam white fairy tea (BạCH Trà Tiên)

For the sake of my love for tea, there are two things I want to tackle in the tea industry.  

One is environmental issues that directly affect our planet and people’s health.

The other is human rights issue.

  • Environmental issue: is certain tea production harming the environment and people’s health? For example, tea pesticides, incorrect labeling, wasteful packaging, and mass production.
  • Human rights issue:  is certain tea production harming basic human rights? For example, child labor, minimum wage, hostile working conditions, etc.

I understand that these issues are very complex and cannot be fixed overnight.

However, these issues need to be addressed so people including tea workers can enjoy tea through generations.  

If you work in a tea field 12 hours a day and barely earn to support yourself. Would you be thrilled to drink a cup of tea? I would be so angry, I might throw a tea-cup! 

If you drink a tea that was covered by tea pesticides that can be poisonous to your body. When you end up in a hospital, will you be able to see your tea the same as before? 

vietnam white fairy tea (BạCH Trà Tiên)

This morning, I read an urgent post from Ha Giang Tribes and Tea through the International Tea Talks

vietnam white fairy tea (BạCH Trà Tiên)
Photography ⓒ Ha Giang Tribes and Tea


Starting along with the mountain range of Tay Con Linh in Hà Giang Province.

 You will disappoint to find that some very big plantation tea trees – two or three people can barely join hands around the trunk with thousands of years old– had been cut down to collect these buds, called: ” White Fairy tea” – Bạch Trà Tiên.

A kind of special/unique Shan tea and very good quality

I call proposal for you guys, as responsible consumers/buyers/tea lovers/…you should stop order that kind of tea until the local people find a solution to harvest the tea without cutting down these trees!


vietnam white fairy tea (BạCH Trà Tiên)
Photography ⓒ Ha Giang Tribes and Tea

What is White Fairy Tea – Bạch Trà Tiên.?

To understand what is White Fairy Tea, you need to know what is Shan Tea.

What is Shan Tea?

Shan tea is a preciously distinctive tea plant that only inhabits in remote provinces of far North Vietnam, especially in Ha Giang. 

Those ancient wild tea plants have been known to reach heights of nearly 15 meters and boast diameters of two meters.

People have to climb up the tea tree to pick the buds. It is said that in earlier times, trained monkeys were used to collect tea leaves from inaccessible places.

Shan tea’s buds and young leaves are covered in a thin layer of snowy hair, which creates the name “Trà Shan Tuyet”- or Snowy Shan Tea.

Being cultivated organically and harvested naturally, Shan tea is sold at a high price for its superb characteristics.


White Fairy Tea is a type of white tea that is more rare and special Shan tea. 

It is heartbreaking how people are irresponsibly cutting down the ancient trees to collect the buds for the White Fairy Tea.

 I urge you to STOP your purchasing of White Fairy Tea, BạCh TRà Tiên as requested until the locals in Tay Con Linh in Hà Giang Province find a solution to harvest the tea without cutting the ancient trees indiscreetly.

Are you supplying ethically sourced White Fairy Tea? Do you know further information about how the ancient tea trees are surviving?
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