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Tea Creative

Hi everyone! My name is Soo (pronounced as Sue). I am the director of Tea Creative where I guide people to the liberating world of tea and support tea businesses to succeed.

I provide exciting tea entertainment and resources to flourish tea culture in the world by advocating a healthy lifestyle, briding tea businesses with tea drinkers, and organising worldwide tea-fun events!

I am specialised in serving the tea, food & beverage, hospitality industry, including people who are already interested in healthier and better options but feeling frustrated with limited options available in the market.

I live my day to the fullest to entertain, educate, and enhance people’s lives through my services.

How I Started

Tea Creative

In early 2015, I fell in love with tea. Ever since that time, I started to purchase, read, take classes, visit farms, attend tea events, then boom! I noticed something was missing.

The missing link I found was that just because someone was working for a tea company didn’t necessarily mean the person understood tea. On the other hand, even when someone understood tea didn’t necessarily mean that the person could articulate and create content.

Tea I held so dearly didn’t get treated with love and respect. I often saw incorrect tea description, lousy image, poor design, weak or no online presence.

Tea Creative

In 2017, while working as a prosumer (producer + consumer), I decided to bridge between tea businesses and tea drinkers. I officially registered Tea Creative as a business.

What I Do

Tea Creative

I spend most of my day creating a digital platform & contents

  • building a website (usually with e-commerce function)
  • copywriting
  • contents writing
  • creating labels, flyers, posters, social media posts, stock photos, illustration, etc.
  • creating tea-related resources
Tea Creative

I help with technical management

  • Automation: I cut out unnecessary repetitive processes and automate data.
  • Web Registration: I make sure whether a website is indexed properly on the web search engines.
  • SEO: I increase the visibility of a website or a certain web post. This process helps your website to appear front and higher when someone searches for a specific term that is related to your business.

I support on-site management

  • store management
  • event management
  • project management
  • cafe consulting & management
Tea Creative

I provide tea specific services in

  • research & development
  • menu creation
  • review & sensory evaluation
  • education & training
  • party & entertainment
Tea Creative

Why I do Tea Creative

Nowadays I think about the ecosystem a lot. I want people to experience tea without feeling intimidated or embarrassed.

I want people in the tea industry to earn decent money and have the flexibility to do what they want to do whether that’s supporting a family, visit a tea farm oversea, or both!

Tea Creative is my way of experimenting and creating a bigger pie for anyone who wants to do something with tea.

Tea Creative exists to connect, engage, and build healthier tea communities where tea people can have more opportunities, presence, and freedom, which inevitable contributing in creating a healthier society.

Tea Creative

Let’s have fun with tea, together.

Thanks again for being here. Feel free to explore the website. You can also contact me for further assistance.

Tea Creative

Director, Tea Creative
Organizer, Nomad Tea Festival
Organizer, Tea Drinkers in Australia
Organizer, Tea Drinkers in Korea

Speaker, Virtual Tea Festival
Speaker, Australian International Tea Expo
Speaker, G-Pause Tea Meditation at Google Campus Seoul
Speaker, Tea Workshop at Indiana University

Volunteer Coordinator Assistant, Melbourne Tea Festival
Volunteer Tasting Table Assistant, Sydney Tea Festival
Tea Sommelier certified by the Korean Tea Sommelier Institute

Visited Countries / Places: South Korea, China, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Australia, United States, Macau, Hong Kong, Canada, Turkey, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico.

Brands I Worked with: T2, Golden Tips, Gongboocha, Nature Shop Lemon Myrtle, Microsoft, Adobe, A&F, Macy’s, Olympics, and more.

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