Mission: Make Tea Enjoyable

My name is Soo Chung. I am the Director of Tea Creative where I guide people to the exciting world of tea. I am here to stand by my best friend (tea) to bring out true colours so people can enjoy tea to the fullest.

I’ve had the privilege to work with tea around the world. There have been many titles attached to me, whether it’s a tea specialist, digital creator, marketer, manager, etc. I aim to be more than a title and a stat as long as I get my work done. 

I founded Tea Creative, a series of experiments and projects working with tea in 2017. It started as my hobby. Now, it’s my determined full-time career.

We are living in a world where things dramatically change. Tea Creative evolves daily and does things differently. I am ready to be your partner in performance to solve your unanswered questions. 

Tea is my passion.

To deliver what's visible, I start from what's invisible.

I believe in the power of creativity & community.

Vision: We bloom the life of people by flourishing tea culture in the world. Imagine a world where people are healthy and not afraid of embracing who they are. With tea, that's possible.

With talent, skill, and passion,
I am interested in solving complex problems without compromising the value of
tea, people, and our planet.

Check my tea journey how I developed Tea Creative.


I grew up in South Korea

A home to the long history of making artisan teas. Although South Korea is full of coffee drinkers, I grew up experiencing tea and tisane. 


I studied abroad in the United States

A home to Teavana, Bigelow, Argo, Celestial Seasonings, this is the era I experienced a wide range of tea bags and tea stores. 


Golden Tips

Established in 1933 in India.  Golden Tips is among the oldest & most reputed brand from India. I worked with Golden Tips as a freelance researcher. 


I stepped foot into the world of tea with a more studious mind.

Ever since this time, I started to purchase, read, take classes, visit farms, attend tea events, do anything related tea. I was so thirsty for tea.


I entered a world of tea mixology.

I completed a 4-week tea cocktail course and got more curious about how I could learn more about tea professionally.


I became a certified tea sommelier

I spent a year studying and learning about tea as a professional. When I received my certification, I felt my professional journey has begun, meaning I should continuously learn and experience tea with a humble mind. 


Tea Drinkers in Korea

I created a tea community based in South Korea. Tea Drinkers in Korea is a community where people drink, talk, and get to know this world better through tea gatherings. We respect diversity and take tolerance very importantly.


Tea Creative

In 2017, while working as a prosumer (producer + consumer), I decided to bridge between tea businesses and tea drinkers. I officially registered Tea Creative as a business.


Tea Bottle

I researched and developed a tea bottle that’s stylish, practical, light, transparent, and affordable to the market. 


Australia and T2

I moved to Australia and joined the iconic tea brand T2 that revolutionised tea in Australia. 


Sydney Tea Festival

Two days after I arrived in Australia, I joined Sydney Tea Festival as a volunteer staff. Sydney & Melbourne Tea Festival inspired me so much and gave me a strong foundation when I later organised Nomad Tea Festival. 


Find Food Australia & Australian International Tea Expo

Fine Food Australia is the leading trade event for the food industry.
Running for 36 years, the event has welcomed thousands of food industry professionals from Australasia and beyond, through our show doors. I was a guest speaker for Australian International Tea Expo that was jointly occurred with the Find Food Australia at  Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).


Tea Drinkers in Australia

I created a tea community based in Australia. 


Tea Travel to Australia

I visited tea farms and factories around Australia. 


Nomad Tea Festival

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many tea events had to announce heartbreaking cancellation, affecting thousands of people from small tea farmers to tea passionate fans. I created a 100% virtually run tea festival attracting participants from 59 countries. 


Nomad Tea Festival Europe

I co-hosted a virtual tea festival based in Europe. 


Tea & Digital Specialist

I am done pretending tea is just my hobby. I am a fully determined tea & virtual event specialist. With my passion and expertise, I will bloom the tea industry and flourish tea culture in the world.

Does Tea Creative sound like your cup of tea?